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Renew, Rebirth, Return
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Home Brewed Incense
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We are still in the process of building the online store so if the link to the category you're looking for doesn't work, be sure to check back as items will be added often.

We use PayPal for all transactions.

Wholesale available! Must have valid Tax I.D. number. Contact Storm.

In our b&m store and/or online you will find:

A wide assortment of unique spiritual books, the Tempest Smith Foundation Cookbook is available online

Handmade Heart & Hearth Brooms
Handmade from earth friendly materials. Handles available in ash, willow, or oak with bristles of broom straw, willow, or ornamental grasses. Custom brooms available, lovingly customized just for you.

Hand dipped/poured beeswax or paraffin, anointed, herbal, and kits. The store carries Infinite Flame Magickal Gel Candles.

Featuring artwork from local artists.

Storm's meditation CD Renew, Rebirth, Return is now available in the store and online.

Our clothing is custom made and is either hand sewn for that rustic authentic Renaissance look, or machine sewn for that formal-tailored look. Men's,
Women's and Children's sizes. Rustic Great Kilts, Modern Kilts, Ladies Tartan Skirts, Arasaids, Shawls, Tartan Hose "ghillie style", Renaissance Dresses, Ivy Head Pieces-custom made, Cloaks, Capes.

Visit our store for crystals and stones. Natural variations in them make it hard to put these online, come in and choose yours!

The store carries many unique items made in Michigan, like mugs with our Tree of Life logo on them. Statuary, Fairys in a Jar, Fairy Doors coming soon.

Self-Care items: Women's or Men's bath, skin care, oil blends, eye pillows; oil blend kits.

"Fresh made and Home Brewed!" Our incense is never older than a month! So order ahead as we "cure" it for about a week!

Beautiful unique handmade pieces, rings, pendants, and more. The store carries Flying Cat Productions and Infinite Flame.

Leather Crafts
Bracers-custom stamped and hand tooled, hats, tams, handbags,belts, leather runes

Exercise ball, skin care, baby diaper ointment, baby skin care.

Readings; Tarot, Crystal Ball, Intuitive, Medium, Channeling, Medical, Pet, Life Force. Aura.

Purchase tickets to fairs and festivals, special events like Wolf Spirit Connection.

We have shirts with our Tree of Life logo on them!

Wood Crafts
Wooden coin holders, staffs, wooden runes, runic cubes

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