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Avalon Faire Offers the Following Services:


Details of these services coming soon. Please e-mail Storm if you are interested in any of the above services.

Ghost Hunting & Banishings

Do you have a "Haunted House?" Do you feel like you are being watched or smell odors that are not really there such as toast, or roses, or something foul? Do you feel like there is someone in the room with you when you are alone or a change in temperature, hear voices, see spirits, etc? If you do, or just want us to check out your location before you buy it, we will help you. Using technology and a medium or channel, we will come to your home, measure energy sources and connect with the other world. The services we provide will also help you to understand why the spirit world has decided to make an
appearance to you. Our seasoned psychic medium-Storm has lifetimes communicating with the other side including the Exorcism of spirits. This technique gently releases "captured" spirits and helps them to either cross to the other side or move on. Some spirits do not want to leave as it may have been a former owner who cannot let go through the energy of their memories. Again, we can help you and the spirits as well to create harmony and balance in both existences. Questions? Visit our FAQ page for more information.

We do not "charge", but ask for a "gift" of whatever is in your heart. Equipment and travel is costly, so we ask that you exchange energy with us in the form of a monetary gift and we thank you.

To schedule an Investigation or Seance, please contact Storm.

Party Planning

Would you like an unique experience in having us help plan the party for your next event? We will do it all for you. Covering food to entertainment, we have a wide array of themes to choose from; Formal Ball to Medieval Mayhem. Let us work with you so that you can have the fun that you wish your guests to have. We help you to plan everything from start to finish, with you making the choices to ensure everything is as you want it! We help plan Weddings and Handfastings, Birthdays, Graduations, Poolside, anniversaries and for any other reason to throw a bash. For more info and pricing please contact Storm.

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