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Links To Our Many Friends


http://embracingbirth.com/ At Embracing Birth Postpartum Services, we are postpartum doula's dedicated to helping families make informed decisions about all aspects of childcare as you transition into parenthood.

http://www.macroval.com Get started on a healthier lifestyle with macrobiotic and vegan cooking classes, personal chef service, and counseling.

http://www.mooncatchers.com/ Mooncatcher Retreats for Women is a safe, loving space where women can come togther and share the healing process

http://upledger.com/default.htm The Upledger Institute is a health resource center dedicated to the advancement of complementary and innovative techniques

Informative Sites:

http://www.bodymindspiritguide.com/ Body Mind Spirit Guide Magazine features Articles, Events, Classified Ads, Directory & more

www.Orkneyjar.com is a privately-run, non-profit website, created and maintained by Orcadian Sigurd Towrie, dedicated to the preserving, exploring and documenting the ancient history, folklore and traditions of Orkney - a group of islands lying off the northern tip of Scotland, where the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean meet.

Just For Fun:

http://www.calculatorcat.com/ Fun calculators to add to your website.


http://knightsofavalon.org/ Dedicated to entertaining and educating the public, The Knights of Avalon present a visually historic representation of a Renaissance era Jousting Tournament.

http://midnight.winds.tripod.com/ Midnight Winds is a family of traditional witches in Southeast Michigan. They offer legal handfastings and other ceremonies.

http://www.paintcreekfolkloresociety.org/ Our group gets together to share folk and traditional music during monthly meetings that include a workshop, a song swap and jam sessions.

http://www.tempestsmithfoundation.org/ Train Educate & Motivate Parents, Educators & Students in Tolerance, this is the foundation for which Storm sells the cookbook.

http://www.nighthowls7.com/ Wolf Creek Habitat and Rescue Inc, in Indiana. Visit the habitat to see the wolves, visit the site to learn everything you need to know about wolves.


http://www.enchantedsoul.com/ Kelly MacLeod is a nationally and internationally renowned Psychic and Medium who has been lecturing, demonstrating, and reading for private clients for many years.

http://www.victoryoflight.com/ Festival information.


http://coventrycreations.com/ Coventry Creations Where magic happens handmade Blessed Herbal Candles

http://thecrystalpathways.com/ We carry a full assortment of minerals & gemstones, tumbled, raw & in beautiful settings. We also carry a full line of items pertaining to your spiritual journey

http://www.crystaltreasuresonline.com/ Metaphysical Store and Gift Shop located in Pontiac, MI, online store, brick & mortar store, info on holiday events

http://www.theedragonlaire.com/ We excel in hand-crafted artfully unique period clothing and accessories. Kilts, Celtic garb for men and women, leather goods

http://www.dragonmead.com/ microbrewery in Warren Michigan, where to purchase their products and upcoming events.

http://www.feralgirl.com/ offers Feral Girl products, also Feral Productions performances and Storm is featured on the Women in Motion page

http://www.flyingcatproductions.com Handmade empowered jewelry. Artwork including historical fashion, mandalas, and spiritual drawings. The artist, Alicia Amade' Galka, created our Tree of Life logo!

http://www.geminimoon.com/ Gemini Moon has been providing pagan and spiritual products, artwork and unique gift items since 1992.

http://www.infiniteflame.com Magickal Gel Candles and more. They are in the process of adding products such as magickal jewelry and pendulums.

http://www.willowtreepress.com independant mystery publishers

Website Design:

http://www.enchanted-moon.net Webmistress (or as Storm calls her, Web Goddess) Laura created avalonfaire.com. She specializes in new age/spiritual websites. Let her create an Enchanted Site for you!

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