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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers are divided into categories to make it easier to find what you are looking for.
If you do not find your answer here, please e-mail your question to Storm.



Ghost Hunting & Banishing questions:

What if I do not want them to leave?
Then we will help you to understand one another and teach you to communicate
without fear, on eitther side!

What if they are "Evil Spirits"?

Some will say that there "Is no such thing", but we believe that it is all about
intention and experience. Sometimes a spirit will have tried to communicate, but can't
get your attention, so they will use "negative" tactics to get you to notice them. Some are angry and are projecting a cry for help, and some, just like some of the living are just plain "nasty". We communicate with their "Aura" or energy field and discover their intent, then we go from there. We use a variety of belief systems, Christian to Pagan and work with the belief system of the Spirit so that there isn't a "Power struggle", or
"Religious War" created, but having said that, we also incorporate the Law of Perfect
Love which is our Mediums Spirit to the Inhabiting Spirit. A special technique which
Storm has developed through her experience with dealing with Spirits, embodied, or
living in this World, or in The Ether or Otherworld

How do I know that you are telling the truth?

Integrity and the Law of Karma. We would not tell you anything that is not true.

Do you attract Spirits when you are at a location?

No, we go in with a "Neutral" sense and open ourselves to receive only. No
expectations or speculations as this can attract Spirits which in turn can be a potential
for "confusion" in the energy of the location. It can be remedied, but is added time and
stress to ALL involved

What are your teams qualifications?
We have Licensed Ministers and an Ordained Minister who holds a Phd. in
Divinity to do Blessings and Protection Ceremonies. Storm who has lifetimes of
experience with the Otherworld and is sought out internationally to assist people through service and lecture with matters of spirit and spirituality including ghosts, spirits, The Wee Folk, angels, and demons. As well as the team of friends who are interested in helping. Our friends have had experience personally and professionally as well and know how stressful or how pleasant having a haunted house can be.

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