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Monthly Psychic Faires At Avalon Faire

We would like to thank all that participated in or attented the Psychic Faires.


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Avalon Faire exists for you. It is a safe, comfortable place to come to seek, heal, grow, learn, teach, share, discover and just be. Avalon means 'Apples' in the ancient Celtic language, and like the apple it is a symbol of wholeness. Avalon Faire, like the Apple, has everything to nourish in totality. Here you will find peace. A circled Tree, which is our logo, metaphysically and naturally connects us to the above or the "seen" as well as to the below or the "unseen". The apple grows and is nurtured by the Tree as so are we.

Inside these pages you will find information on health, hearth, and topics close to Home with just a sprinkle of Magic and Mayhem in the form of our Spring Festival; "The Bel-Tinne Ball". Our focus is to provide a "grass-roots-down-to-Earth" approach to Spirituality whatever your path and beliefs are!

So, come on in, grab an apple and peruse the store, try the recipes (you will love them) and take a trip through the Photo Gallery. You are most welcome!!

Be Well. Be Safe....Be!          -Storm

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